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uftaki ([personal profile] uftaki) wrote2017-06-05 12:37 pm
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Sales Post~!

I don't know how many - if any? - people actually follow my journal anymore... I really don't pay too much attention to it, now. c.c; But just in the case I do still have some people on my feed/reading list/whatever? [coughs awkwardly and clears throat]

Selling a bunch of stuff, ALL SORTS of stuff, in a few locations!

My MAIN sales page is here, with links to various/specified sub-pages. There might be a few things I've sold that I haven't been able to clear off, so if I come across that, I will correct it, and I apologize for it still being up there when it isn't available. But MOST of this stuff is still available.

I have also started listing items on Ebay! You can check out my current auctions from this link right here.

For the items listed on my journal, prices can be negotiable... and if you have them, I'm always willing to trade for any My Little Pony toys I'm missing. :) I collect G1, G3, and G4.

Thank you all for looking at what I have for sale. :)