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Hello, everyone! I am writing this from an internet cafe in Naousa, Greece! :3 I'm on vacation, visiting family here, for 2 months.

My flights out were good, in-and-of-themselves. It was cool how every seat now has their own viewscreen, and you can choose what movie you want to see (even a few tv episodes, or cd selections). Canada Air didn't have many headsets to hand out, but thankfully they were compatable with your everyday headphones (thankfully I just bought myself a new one, and brought it with me). Lufthansa gave everyone headphones (+blankets + pillows), cuz it was a longer flight. The food was decent, too. What worried me the most was making all of my connections. x_x; I flew from Vancouver to Toronto, then Toronto to Frankfurt (and had to pick up my bags, go through customs check + re-check my bag again x.x), then Frankfurt to Thessaloniki. The Toronto exchange had the least amount of time - just about 1/2 an hour. @_@ All-told, with transfers and waiting to board + flying and waking up and getting to the airport... I was awake for a full 24 hours. x__X So yeah; I was a little tired when I finally got here. ^.^; I managed to rest a bit on the planes, but I couldn't really sleep.

Enjoying my stay here, so far. I got in on the 6th, so haven't done much yet. Hope to get around to see a couple different places. :3 We'll see what happens.

I'm off!

Oct. 13th, 2008 05:53 pm
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Eeee.... tomorrow I go! :D Tomorrow, early in the morning, I'm off for LA, Anaheim, and DISNEYLAND!! ^_____^ Squeee! So thrilled! :D I'll see everyone next Monday! ^___^
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Yeargh... it's still too hot. @_x; Bleh.

Anyway, I'm going to be out-of-town for the next few days. Going on a short vacation with Mom. We're heading south, into Northern Washington this time. We'll be going down to Cedro Wooly for breakfast, at the Iron Skillet, natch. X3 ((fyi: it's a small little restaurtant, that advertizes on the I-5 as "good food, lousy service" *lol*)). After that, we're heading eastwards, bound for Republic. A couple years back, Mom and I stopped by there, and had one of the most delicious milkshakes we've ever had, there. *__* I just hope that place is still there. ^^; After that? Who knows? Maybe a bit more east, then back up to Canada, and back home.

Made a new icon, today, too... out of a little doodle I did at work. X3 (NOTE: This does not reflect on my own views of work. But it DOES reflect on Red's views on the chaos at TFblogs ^^;) It's for my Red Alert character at the [livejournal.com profile] tfblogs RP... to replace the "at the end of my rope" icon once Reality Warped is over... X3 *lol*

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And a day earlier than expected... ^.^; We mistook the marking on one of the ferry times, and as a result ended up in Powell River AFTER everything had closed. :p ... what there WAS to see in Powell River, that is. ^_^;; Nice, quaint town, with some beautiful houses and nice residential areas, but... ...there was almost nothing there, elsewise. ^_^;;

Gibsons and Seschelt were much nicer, in comparison... in terms of stuff available to see and do, despite being smaller towns. ^.^; Plus, the scenery is so much nicer there. *_* Don't get me wrong; the trip up from Earl's Cove to Powell River was nice, too... especially the ferry ride... but the scenery from Langdale Ferry to Earl's Cove ferry is just GORGEOUS. *__* Thick, dense forests... lots of bushes and firns and moss on the rocks... some sheer, steep cliffs... Georgia Strait off to the side. Just beautiful. The ferry rides were wonderful, too. *_*

So, back home. :) Short, but enjoyable trip. :D
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Well, tomorrow, anyway. X3 Heading off EARLY tomorrow morning, to get to the Greyhound bus depot, to head off down to Seattle... :3 For any and all that will be at Sakura Con, I'll see you there. :D To the rest of my friends, I'll be returning late Monday afternoon, so I'll see you all then. :3

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