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For a Halloween-themed doll-meet, I decided to make a costume for my girl, Sarah. My grandmother made a costume for my other girl, Jessie (a little black bat). I decided, what could be better than a ghostbuster? X3

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Okay... so I was crazy and braved the long, LONG lines and crowds to be part of the mass of people trying out the new Canada Line for it's free-Opening-Day special. :) My feet ached, by the end... but on the whole, it was a lot of fun, and I picked up a few goodies. :3 Two small badge/pin things... a gift card for $10 that can work at a couple malls... a little fan... and of course, the neat "Canada Line Passport". :3 It was fun going to the different stations, and getting the various stamps.

I waited about 2 hours in line, at Waterfront Station, before finally getting on the train. I took it all the way down to the end of the line, at Richmond mall. I got off there, to go grab a snack, and then walked up to Landsowne Mall (the line at Richmond was long, and rather boring, in terms of what was around there, while waiting). The line at Lansdowne was a -little- better... but at least they had some entertainment going on there. ^.^

After that, from Langara onward, I stopped at each station that had a stamping booth, and picked up a stamp. The lines going BACK to downtown were practically nil at these stations, so... yay. X3 Didn't stop at Bridgeport, or the airport... The line at the airport was probably WAY too long for tired ol' me, at this point... and I wasn't about to try the line at Bridgeport, either (though in retrospect, the line TO Downtown was probably small, too. Ah well). I might go to Bridgeport and YVR on Wednesday -- the booklet said some stations would still have stamps available until the 23rd.

Loooong day, but... good. Enjoyable. ^_^ Nice to be back, and off my feet, though. XD *lol* The Canada Line is mostly a subway, really... at least for the Vancouver part of the line. Richmond's all above ground, and it's nice to be able to see everything. It all was cool, though, and the new cars are neat.

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FINALLY got my photos to disc! Con photos will be coming later... but for now, some photos of my doll. X3 I might end up putting a few of these to Deviantart... c.c Also, finally decided on a name for her! So, without further ado... Sara! :3

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She's here! :D

Who's she? My very first ball-joint-doll. :3 She's a -- yet unnamed -- Dollzone Nina, bought through my best friend Apis's website, Featherfall :D

So... here are the requisite arrival photographs, taken at Apis's house. X3 Her head's now being shipped off for a custom face-up. ^__^

the 'just arrived, in box, "mummy"' photo X3

Out of the box, and in her beautiful yukata, made by Apis. :3 Please excuse the somewhat messy bangs on the wig. It'll need some trimming. ^_^; The geta and the little black shoes are also hers. X3

a close up

another full-body shot, this time with a nifty backdrop, and wearing her adorable little geta. X3

This one's for you, Apis. X3 The close-up of her feet in the geta that you requested. :3

(also, semi-related, finally transferred the photos on my camera to a CD, so I could put a bunch of the pics on there UP, finally... I've gotta upgrade to WinXP at some point... :/ Not before I do a thorough back-up-copy making of all my stuff first, though. -.-)

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