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Percy's taking it really easy... very slowly. He sits by the feeding vessels most all the time... sitting low, not moving much, not saying anything. Understandable, as he's likely still very weak, and convalescing. Sometimes he lets his left wing drop open... but he's healing. And Penny's still being very sweet, keeping close by him for the most part. :)

It's so cute... before, they sometimes paid little attention to each other... and there were times when they definately got on each other's nerves... fluffing up, spreading their wings and snapping at each other, chasing each other around the cage. But when it comes down to it, they're close. :)

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and well-wishes for Percy. :) I showed my mom your entries, and she was really touched by it all. :) Thanks so much again! :D *hug*

Percy wasn't the only one taking it easy today. Think I overslept a little today... got a bit overheated... and might even have had a bit of slight food poisoning on top of it. ;__; Felt really sick and tired for a little while. Still tired, but... feeling much better now. yay. ^^;
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He's still breathing a little heavy, apparantly... but he's perked up as soon as he got home, I heard. He'll be going in for a checkup 7 days from now, but so far, everything looks good. :)

Penny's been following him around the cage, from what I hear... sitting next to him. Awwwww... :D

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