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All ponies are washed to the best of my abilities and placed in individual ziplock bags before being mailed out. If you ever want more photos or details of a particular toy, just ask. I'm willing to do trades as well. Please see my lists of wanted MLPs here. PayPal only. Seller is from Canada + ships worldwide. Buyer pays shipping/postage. Prices in USD. As postage varies depending on number of ponies & location, PM/tell me which ponies you're interested in and your postal code/ZIP, and I'll get back to you with a shipping quote.

If you're buying a pony with intention to customize it, I can wipe the symbol and/or hoof heart (if applicable) for you if you'd like. I can even wipe the eye paint, if you're intending to re-paint the eye.

MEGA LIST of ponies under the cut! )

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Snagged these blank images from the Hasbro website, printed them out, and had some fun doing a little design work today. ^_^;; The scanner lost a lot of the subtle shading, especially with the light greys... :( Ah well.

This first one, I don't know what name to call her/him... but I like the design. ^^; Something'll come, eventually.

The rest lay below the LJ Cut. :3 One is my 'avatar', Uftaki... and the rest are Aerialbot-MLP designs. X3 *lol*

ponies await below! )

The CHALLENGE of all these customs... if I want to take them beyond the "concept" stage... will be to find the DONOR bodies. @__x; The unnamed and Uftaki ponies won't really be that hard, but... Five. White. Pegasus ponies? @__x; Even if I use classic 80s ponies, that's one heckuva challege. @_x;; The recent/modern ponies might be cute to use, and a lot of people DO use them for customs, now... and I know there's at least one white pegasus, but... still. It'll be a hunt!

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