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I've been trying to decide on which character to cosplay from One Piece, for next year's Sakura Con (and other conventions, if I attend them). I've been batting ideas back and forth, but haven't really finalized on anything.

Then I did a few sketches of a human Thousand Sunny, and Going Merry, and I think the former is a definite possibility (I'm not slight enough to pull off Merry respectfully. Even Sunny'll be a bit of a stretch. c.c; *cough* But anyway...)

Looking for thoughts and opinions on the designs of these! Are they recognizable as the ships they're supposed to represent?

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...or lack thereof. I have to be realistic. There is no way I'll be able to get this finished in time for Anime North. T___T The process I chose for detailing just takes far too long. It LOOKS really nice, so far, but... c.c Time-consuming. Way time-consuming.

Yes, I know... I could have used fabric paint, and been done in a quarter of the time. For some reason, though, I just didn't want to go that route. ^^; I feared that the fabric paint would be too stiff, and/or crack/fracture on the fabric... and it wouldn't look as nice. And, also... in some way... I felt beading would somehow be a little more 'accurate/traditional' for an outfit like the Alma-Kinan have. ^^;

But it's taking a heckuva long time. @_x; I CAN bring what I've got done so far with me, to show who's interested... but it won't be done. ^^;;

Which also brings up the question, what costume do I bring to AN? o_O; I think the only one(s) I actually have that's possible is Billy Lee Black. ^^; At least that's a very easy, comfortable costume. ^^;
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beads.... beadsbeadsbeadsbeadsbeadsbeadsbeadsbeads razzafrazzin' fraggin needle.... stay threaded.... beadsbeadsbeadsbeadsbeads muhgh...sweatypalms...itshot. beadsbeadsbeadsbeadsOW!! Damn needle!! XO beadsbeadsbeads hnn... ow, back... >_x When is this thing supposed to be ready by...?! -___-
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Went shopping today, for some of the final 'accessories' for Yumi's costume. (Suikoden III) Got some cording, and -- by far the most expensive -- the beads. I'll likely give myself eyestrain and a headache doing this, but... I really hope it'll be worth it. ^^; Decided, on a whim, to pop into the Salvation Army near the bead shop.... and I found the perfect boots for her costume!! *___* wh00t!!

So, I was all around town today... but it was worth it. ^^; heee... Gonna relax though, now.

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