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Hooo... am I hitting the post-Con sleepiness, now. ^^;; *smacks self!* Can't fall asleep at work. Falling asleep at work baaaaaaaad. Anyway, back to the Con report! Hopefully this'll wake me up a little. ^_^;;

Not as much rambling or tangents, here. There IS, however, many descriptions and links to the videos from the AMV Contest. :)

Friday! )
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Beware the long, tangential, probably incoherent ramble again. In short, Sakura Con 2008 was absolutely FANTASTIC this year. For about half a year or more prior, I really hadn't been that excited... but once I got there, I remembered again why I love this Con so much. :)

And I am going to ramble (and rant in some cases), and go off on tangents, and explain some stuff... I'm probably going to have to do this report in a number of posts! ^_^;;

Thursday report -- Registration Behind the Scenes )

And I'm going to cut this report off HERE for the time-being... because it is WAY too long. ^_^;; More coming later... Right now, though, need to get back to my real work. xD *lol*
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Much fun was had! :D My flight was okay, arrived safe and sound... (ZOMG... HOT and humid/muggy there!! @_x; Gimme Vancouver's nice, cool, fresh air, please... nice to be home. XD *lol*) Got to the hotel, met Middletails... got checked in and got my con badge... then the fun began. X3

General notes: lots of love to seeing everyone there again this year. :D It was great seeing everyone. :D Much love to 'em all. ^__^ We had a blast, chatting, hanging out... Had MUCH fun at the various panels and showings (("MUFFINS" ... "Fish Fight!" no... I don't expect many to understand those comments at ALL XD X3 *snickers*)) Didn't take many pictures, but I do have at least 1 roll that I'll need to get developed (you know me; no idea if/when these'll ever be put up on the 'net ^.^;;)

the purchases! )

Next year, I PROMISE you guys I'll be able to join you for the Suikoden photoshoot. @__x; ... heck, I'll even try to play/finish more of the games, so I know what you're all talking about. XD *lol* Maybe I'll even join you in manning the Artists' Alley table. :3 Just have to think up and produce stuff to sell. ^.^; Loved seeing you all again, and can't wait to see you next year! Hopefully, at Sakura Con as well as Anime North! :3 ^__~
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Well... as with every year, I liked the con... The con itself was great. As far as I know. Sadly, though, this was one of my personal WORST cons, ever... as I was sick for most of it. T_T Started coughing late Friday night... started getting weak on Saturday, and couldn't keep anything down... I tried to work, but... did only a half-shift I think. c_c; But Sunday... I -- and one of the two girls sharing the room with me -- were so sick that we spent ALL of Sunday, flat on our backs in our bed, the whole day. We didn't get out of that room once, Sunday. -__-; I'm finally starting to regain my strength, and keep stuff down now, but... half of Saturday, and all of Sunday at the con I completely missed due to illness. So... not fun, no. ;__;

more on the Con under here )
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Well, tomorrow, anyway. X3 Heading off EARLY tomorrow morning, to get to the Greyhound bus depot, to head off down to Seattle... :3 For any and all that will be at Sakura Con, I'll see you there. :D To the rest of my friends, I'll be returning late Monday afternoon, so I'll see you all then. :3
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One week and counting... Under one week, actually. I'll be travelling down to Seattle on Thursday. ^^; Hope they there are all READY for this... x.x;

I'm pretty much ready. Only minor things to deal with, now. Only going to have one costume this year. Wasn't able to finish a new one in time, and don't want to lug any others with me (well, the only other one I could use is Glenn, and that one's bulky. x.x;)

I'll be on Registration staff, so any reading this that are also going to Sakura Con, you can either find me there (probably busy as a bee)... or else I'll be randomly wandering the con... *lol*

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