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For a Halloween-themed doll-meet, I decided to make a costume for my girl, Sarah. My grandmother made a costume for my other girl, Jessie (a little black bat). I decided, what could be better than a ghostbuster? X3

more descriptions, plus all the photos, under the cut )
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FINALLY got my photos to disc! Con photos will be coming later... but for now, some photos of my doll. X3 I might end up putting a few of these to Deviantart... c.c Also, finally decided on a name for her! So, without further ado... Sara! :3

Photos underneath the cut )
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She's here! :D

Who's she? My very first ball-joint-doll. :3 She's a -- yet unnamed -- Dollzone Nina, bought through my best friend Apis's website, Featherfall :D

So... here are the requisite arrival photographs, taken at Apis's house. X3 Her head's now being shipped off for a custom face-up. ^__^

the 'just arrived, in box, "mummy"' photo X3

Out of the box, and in her beautiful yukata, made by Apis. :3 Please excuse the somewhat messy bangs on the wig. It'll need some trimming. ^_^; The geta and the little black shoes are also hers. X3

a close up

another full-body shot, this time with a nifty backdrop, and wearing her adorable little geta. X3

This one's for you, Apis. X3 The close-up of her feet in the geta that you requested. :3

(also, semi-related, finally transferred the photos on my camera to a CD, so I could put a bunch of the pics on there UP, finally... I've gotta upgrade to WinXP at some point... :/ Not before I do a thorough back-up-copy making of all my stuff first, though. -.-)

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