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I've been trying to decide on which character to cosplay from One Piece, for next year's Sakura Con (and other conventions, if I attend them). I've been batting ideas back and forth, but haven't really finalized on anything.

Then I did a few sketches of a human Thousand Sunny, and Going Merry, and I think the former is a definite possibility (I'm not slight enough to pull off Merry respectfully. Even Sunny'll be a bit of a stretch. c.c; *cough* But anyway...)

Looking for thoughts and opinions on the designs of these! Are they recognizable as the ships they're supposed to represent?

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Okay.... for better or for worse... my art's all done, scanned, and has now been sent off... Here's seeing what'll come of it. ^_^;

Now just to figure out/fix the problem with why I can't seem to log into the IDW forums... c.c;
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Snagged these blank images from the Hasbro website, printed them out, and had some fun doing a little design work today. ^_^;; The scanner lost a lot of the subtle shading, especially with the light greys... :( Ah well.

This first one, I don't know what name to call her/him... but I like the design. ^^; Something'll come, eventually.

The rest lay below the LJ Cut. :3 One is my 'avatar', Uftaki... and the rest are Aerialbot-MLP designs. X3 *lol*

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The CHALLENGE of all these customs... if I want to take them beyond the "concept" stage... will be to find the DONOR bodies. @__x; The unnamed and Uftaki ponies won't really be that hard, but... Five. White. Pegasus ponies? @__x; Even if I use classic 80s ponies, that's one heckuva challege. @_x;; The recent/modern ponies might be cute to use, and a lot of people DO use them for customs, now... and I know there's at least one white pegasus, but... still. It'll be a hunt!
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I know I've gotten WAY behind on my 28-meme... I have ideas and plans... just haven't been able to put cyber-pen to Wordpad, yet. c_c; *coughcough*

I think I've already done this meme before, earlier... c.c; Ah well... Requested things from [livejournal.com profile] griffen_rider, so same said meme goes in here. ^.^;

PICTURE MEME: Comment here with a request for me to take a photo of anything in or around my house our apartment. Be creative but not disgusting.

I already have posted this meme, but for any that missed it, it's here: uftaki.livejournal.com/191526.html (under a friends-lock)

DRAWING/ DRABBLE MEME: The first 10 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble or sketch of a subject/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal. [If you're going to request a drabble, please pick a random word out of the dictionary for me to include in said drabble or pick a theme... or both O_o;;]
Post all fandoms you’re willing to draw OR write for:

Maybe this'll help get the writing juices flowing again? c__c; *ahem* Anyway. My fandoms:
Transformers G1, GF & BW, Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Fushigi Yuugi.
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Finally finished the inks on my Red Alert & Inferno pic... The pic is behind the cut.

I'm really liking how it's turning out. ^_^ However, like any artist, I'm wincing at all the errors I can see in it. @_x;; Things are slightly out of proportion... the angles/positions of some limbs probably wouldn't really work out/are implausible... (Inferno's got no @#($&@ fraggin' KNEE JOINTS!!) I probably should have put a 2-point perspective on this. x.x; The battle of how much detail to put into this. Well, you get the idea. :P

If I do a traditional media colouring job on this, I'll HAVE to re-transfer this to new paper, as I farked up on Red's legs, and had to take white-out to it. X(

One of the BIGGEST things I'm wincing at is Inferno's head/helm sculpt. In "Auto Beserk", "Kremzeek" as well as a few other episodes possibly, his helm Looked Like This! This, essentially, is the same as Grapple's head design (understandable, as Inferno is a repaint of Grapple). HOWEVER, his toy desgin, as well as his appearance in (some?) comics and other cartoon episodes ("Search for Alpha Trion", "Child's Play" and others), had THIS Helm Design

So.... Argh. I don't know what to do. @__x; I don't know which helm design is more 'accurate' to Inferno. I drew him, here, with the helm he had in Auto Berserk (as it's the only refrences I used when I first doodled this up x.x) So... do I REDRAW this bit, and give him the toy/toon/comic? accurate helm design... or do I leave it as is? x.x

(and this is completely ignoring the earlier points I mentioned x.x)

Also thinking about throwing this up on DevArt... Should I?

And just in case you missed it, warning those that don't like this thing again... Transformer SLASH behind the cut! Don't like, don't click! :P

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And more of [livejournal.com profile] straya's art, coloured... This time, her human Prowl. :3 It's almost done. I've still got to do his skin, but as the 'base' skin colour Copic is my Christmas gift, well... *lol*

I chose Prowl to have the dark blue jacket, because he's military, and it's like a darker 'police blue', too... X3 And since Jazz had a white jacket and black pants, I wanted Prowl to be an inverse of that. ^^;

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Art post!

Oct. 18th, 2005 07:44 pm
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Coloured version of the adorable chibi Red and Finch pic [livejournal.com profile] straya drew for me! :D *huuuuuugs!*

*sighs* Again... I curse my terrible scanner. -.-; To get the colours looking vaguely right I have to scan it at such high, bright levels... and that really wrecks the line work and some shading/subtlety is lost. augh. :bang I love working with copics, but the scanner...

I took a few liberties with Finch's colours, here. ^.^;; Black or dark grey for her hands would have made them disappear, against her forearms and the rest of the pic. Though with how they turned out, I think gold might have worked better. :p Or white. Or light grey. @_x; Nyar...

Ah well. I can always do another colour version. ^__~;;

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