I'm Back!

Sep. 14th, 2012 03:58 pm
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Back from vacation! Just got back in! Whooo... GOOD TRIP! Had a very good time, seeing all the family and meeting new family (new to me at least) over there, and travelling through some absolutely GORGEOUS country! Glad to be back home, though!

Now comes the 'fun' of finding a job... :/
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Hello, everyone!

I have updated my "for sale" pages... adding a few more items, and a completely new page (Western Comics) to it. Please come check these all out, from the Main Sale Page here. :3

I'm home!

Jul. 13th, 2012 01:28 pm
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Whelp... as the post says, I'm home, safe and sound! :D My trip was fantastic! Saw a bunch of interesting and beautiful places, and had many nice visits with family + friends. :) I'm very glad to be home, though. As nice and as beautiful a place to visit as Naoussa is... home is HOME. :3
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Hello, everyone! I am writing this from an internet cafe in Naousa, Greece! :3 I'm on vacation, visiting family here, for 2 months.

My flights out were good, in-and-of-themselves. It was cool how every seat now has their own viewscreen, and you can choose what movie you want to see (even a few tv episodes, or cd selections). Canada Air didn't have many headsets to hand out, but thankfully they were compatable with your everyday headphones (thankfully I just bought myself a new one, and brought it with me). Lufthansa gave everyone headphones (+blankets + pillows), cuz it was a longer flight. The food was decent, too. What worried me the most was making all of my connections. x_x; I flew from Vancouver to Toronto, then Toronto to Frankfurt (and had to pick up my bags, go through customs check + re-check my bag again x.x), then Frankfurt to Thessaloniki. The Toronto exchange had the least amount of time - just about 1/2 an hour. @_@ All-told, with transfers and waiting to board + flying and waking up and getting to the airport... I was awake for a full 24 hours. x__X So yeah; I was a little tired when I finally got here. ^.^; I managed to rest a bit on the planes, but I couldn't really sleep.

Enjoying my stay here, so far. I got in on the 6th, so haven't done much yet. Hope to get around to see a couple different places. :3 We'll see what happens.
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Movie Opening Screencap Meme

Just a little thing I thought I'd try doing for fun... I've no idea if this'll work out/be feasable at all, but... *shrugs* ...here goes. How well can you identify a movie by its opening credits?

1) Choose 5 - 10 movies, and screencap an image from the opening credits /scene.
2) Ask your friends to identify the movie. (If there are any text credits on the image, please don't Google!)
3) Put the name of the movie, and who guessed it, after the image once it's been correctly guessed.

Screencaps under the cut! )
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Just found out some really cool news. Discotek Media is going to be releasing a certain series, some time this summer(?). :D

ETA: Unrelated.... but dear GODS, this looks totally awesome! *__*
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Hey out there...! This is a question to all tech-saavy people on my friends list. If you could give me any info on the following, I'd be most thankful. :3

I'll be going on vacation in May, and I'd like to bring a camcorder with me (I have a photo camera; I want video + sound ^.^;). I have NO idea what sort of camera I'd want or need, though. So if any of you out there can give me any reccommendations/comments on various brands/types, thank you. :)

I'm not looking for anything too fancy, nor the most expensive one on the block. I don't want the cheapest thing out there, either, though. Something affordable, but reliable. A good/decent battery life'd be nice, too. (I'm assuming ALL batteries are rechargeable in these things?) I have an Acer PC, so it would have to be compatable with that. Is video stored on SD cards? Can you transfer the video to the PC through SD cards, or a USB cable? Can you also hook up the camcorder to the TV, and show the video that way? What format(s) are the video recordings saved in?

...and anything else I might need to know... Thanks for all your help. *^__^*

For Sale!

Jan. 8th, 2012 03:57 pm
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Heya, all! ^__^ I'm selling a bunch of stuff on my journal, ranging from manga + doujinshi, to books, to toys, to CDs/DVDs, to assorted knick-knacks. You can find them all on the main post here, with links to the sub-pages of items. Please take a look to see if there's anything you're interested in, and if you have questions, please ask! :3
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Found on [livejournal.com profile] beckyh2112's journal and reposted...
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] anatsuno at Livejournal to do away with subject line in comments
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] heeroluva at Livejournal to do away with subject line in comments
FYI I did not translate this (found it on an anon comm), but I ran the original through Google translate and it's correct.

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Just got back from seeing Winnie the Pooh in theaters, and I enjoyed it. :3 It was sweet, it was cute, it was funny... It was a delightedly light-hearted, free-spirited romp, in lovely classic old-school Disney style. The hand-animation style of both the characters and the backgrounds really were callbacks to the old, traditional style, and it was a delight to see. It was soft, and comforting and warm. The humor was cute and light-hearted. The songs were also cute, especially the one about the Bakson. :3 It's a good movie to go see to just sit down, sit back, smile and enjoy. ^___^ It's short, at just 69 minutes, but nothing lagged, and the story and it's characters kept your interest. There was also a short preceding the movie, called "The Ballad of Nessie", and it was very cute, too. :3

It's for younger kids, and they'll definitely enjoy it... It's nice to have a film for them that doesn't pander or talk down to them, or that is too cheezy/has a dumb plot/whatever. It's also for anyone who doesn't want anything loud, blaring, violent, hectic, crude, etc... or who wants something warm and cheery, that'll put a smile on your face... or for old-school Disney fans. It's short, it's cute, and it's definitely sweet. :3 I'm really hoping that it'll do well in theaters. If just to show it a little love, and that there is still a market for movies like this.
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Just read the latest One Piece chapter, 609... and a (very RANDOM!) thought just occured to me, regarding a "who" question brought up in it. It's WAY out into left field... oh-so-very-much so... and is most likely - nay, 99% definitely WAY off base, but... hey. It's fun to ruminate, right? ^.^;; "Wild Mass Guessing" and all that.

Since this contains massive spoilers, my ramblings, again, will go under the cut! )

Prompt Me

Nov. 12th, 2010 04:16 pm
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Dare I try this...? Might as well. No guarantees, though. ^_^;

*coughs and clears throat* Okay. I'm going to ATTEMPT to throw myself out here, and open myself up for short (hopefully) fic prompts. I want to see if I CAN EVER get myself back into the writing scene, plus I want to see if I possibly have a handle on a couple voices for characters, for RP purposes.

So... throw out a character, and a prompt of some sort (word, theme, setting, line, etc), and I'll see if I can't whip up a short little drabble/ficlet/paragraph on it. I'm open for pretty much anything: gen, het, yaoi/yuri, comedy/drama/action/romance/fluff/angst... just no extreme kinks, please.

fandoms I'll write for, plus notes, beneath the cut )

Again, word-of-warning, I am VERY rusty at this. It's been literally years since I've actually WRITTEN anything fanfic-wise. Please be patient with me. ^__^;; *bows*
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I've been trying to decide on which character to cosplay from One Piece, for next year's Sakura Con (and other conventions, if I attend them). I've been batting ideas back and forth, but haven't really finalized on anything.

Then I did a few sketches of a human Thousand Sunny, and Going Merry, and I think the former is a definite possibility (I'm not slight enough to pull off Merry respectfully. Even Sunny'll be a bit of a stretch. c.c; *cough* But anyway...)

Looking for thoughts and opinions on the designs of these! Are they recognizable as the ships they're supposed to represent?

cut for images! )
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Gorgeous, GORGEOUS weather outside today! Warm, clear blue sunny skies... Went downtown for a bit, enjoyed it... Mild... Took a few photos. Just so very, very nice! ^____^ *delighted sigh* We've just had WONDERFUL weather here the past WEEK! :3 Such a nice start to October. :D

Thoughts on reading chapter 599... More rambling AHOY!

cut for spoilers, of course )
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Thoughts as reading the latest release of the manga, chapter 598, "2 Years Later". I've been both greatly anticipating this, finally having caught myself up, reading chapters online (will still of COURSE be buying the official releases once they're out - I just couldn't wait!), and with the manga now back after a month-long hiatus. Wondering what order the crew will reuinte in. Who will be the first to come back? ... And partially dreading it. The characters will all be 2 years older, and just wondering what sort of CHANGES all have gone through. Will I like the changes? Will I hate them? Half of me is eager to see, the other half is tense and worried, hoping that certain characters won't be ruined for me, with the changes. Oda's a good storyteller, and I'll trust things will be good, and I'll get used to the changes in time (One Piece DEFINITELY is a series you DO have to give some time to, to get used to the art style, get into the story, let it grow on you, etc)... Just... y'know. Gut reactions. Hoping some of the changes won't be too extreme.

Comments will be random. Sporadic. Probably gibberish as I'm making these while reading. As my opening above clearly indicates. ^.^;; Err... warnings for some cursing within. c_c; And lots and LOTS of disjointed rambling.

*takes in a deep breath* Here we go...

cut for massive, MASSIVE spoilers, and endless ramblings )
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This goes out to all artists there on my friends list. I'm interested in possibly getting a tablet for my computer, for drawing/art purposes. Graphics program would be bundled in along with it, probably.

What are good brands for tablets, out there. It doesn't have to be too big, or fancy, or complicated... but at the same time, I don't want the smallest, cheapest thing out there, either. Something middle-of-the-road, that I can use occassionally, but that will still work nicely, etc.

Also, what graphics programs do you recommend? Some version of Adobe Photoshop might be packaged along with the tablet, and that might be well and good, and suit my needs. What versions are good? Are there other programs which might be nice as well? Something that'll allow me to colour a variety of images, and re-size pictures without pixellating/losing too many details, etc.

My computer is an ACER, running Windows Vista, FYI.

Thank you for any and all suggestions. ^_____^

(now I just have to kick this MASSIVE block that's been plaguing me for months, and actually start drawing again. x_x Writing, too. I might be tossing up another post, asking for prompts from various fandoms, later... if just to help me get into an RPing kick again. c.c)


Jul. 19th, 2010 02:21 pm
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Considering going down to Alderwood mall in Everett for a quick little day trip, and just wondering to all on the friends-list, if there are any around that area, what other things around there might be interesting to see? Nothing fancy, but just a little curiosity, something to see while down there. A nice cafe/restaurant for lunch, perhaps? Whatever suggestions you have. Not familiar with the area at all, so it'd have to be easy to get to. Close to the I5 would be very convenient.

Also, I've been trying to watch some of the One Piece episodes on Funimation's site, and for some reason, the vids aren't showing, now. I WAS able to watch them before, but now it's giving me a "vid not available in your region" message. I don't get the sudden change. I don't THINK I changed any settings on my computer. :/ Or is it just a FLUKE that I managed to be able to watch the episodes I DID? Canadian, btw, which is PROBABLY why the site stopped working for me. Dangit, Funimation... It's awesome that you're putting all the episodes up, but let us watch, too. D: Is there anyway to make those vids available for viewing, or am I plumb outta luck? :/

edit: One more thing... I have a TON of hockey cards I want to get rid of. Most are in good to fair condition, but there are a few rather worn-out ones. Anyone out there possibly interested in these? I also have various anime trading cards, and some Star Trek TOS + TNG cards, too. Just putting out a feeler, at the moment, to see if there's any interest in these.
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Toy Story 3... OMG. Toy. Story. 3.


WOW AND AWESOMENESS AND LOVE LOVE LOVE so much love! It was incredible it was EPIC it was heartwarming it was heartwrenching it was... ...just so much EMOTION packed into each and every frame... each and every MOMENT. It was superb. Pixar, you've definately done it again. You've gone "to infinity and beyond" with this one. I left the theater with a LUMP in my throat... crying and smiling at the same time by getting so SO caught up in this story and all of its characters.

cut for MAJOR spoilers! )
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snagged from [livejournal.com profile] seattleotaku

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/tv shows/cartoons/literary works/etc, put their summaries from Better Than it Sounds, and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess. (warning: TV Tropes link!)

ETA: TWO LEFT! :3 I've put them in a larger font and italics, so they're easier to pick out. ^.^; If trouble is still had, I might add a second summary line.

list beneath the cut )
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In addition to the big news I'm highly anticipating that I posted here in my previous entry..., there's now a 5-page preview available here. :3 Heh... definately looking interesting so far. ^_^ The art style looks nice, and it's going to be interesting to find out the all the WHYs that led the characters to the paths they took that led them to the start of this series.

There will also be a 4-issue Ducktales mini-series - starting in Uncle Scrooge #392 - that will be released around the same time (in June)!! :D From the article here, this ALSO looks very interesting!! :D I'm thrilled beyond belief! xD I've always loved Ducktales, so it's so cool to see it coming back, if even for a short time. :3

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