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NOTE: Currently ALL MY SALES PAGES ARE DOWN, until I find a new webpage host for my images. Now that Photobucket is no longer viable. Pages will be down for the unseeable future. I do not know when they will go back up.


* I accept payments by PAYPAL ONLY
---- I will wait 10 days (unless you comment/PM me beforehand, explaining any extenuating circumstances). If I don't receive payment in 10 days, I will consider the sale void, and re-list the item.

* I will ship internationally. Buyer pays shipping costs.
---- Please either comment or PM me with your postal code/zip code, for shipping quotes. Shipping will vary depending on where you're located, and which items you're buying. I will be shipping from Canada.
---- It might take a day or two to get a shipping quote from the post office, but I will try to get a quote to you as soon as I can.

* All prices/payments in $USD.

* If you have any other questions/want more photos, please ask.

* Please Note!* - some images/scans will have a blue line running across the image. This is a glitch/issue with my scanner, and does not actually show up on the item itself.

* Western Comics * * * * Manga * * * * Doujinshi *

* Media & Magazines * * * * * Toys & Figurines * * * * * My Little Pony toys * * * * * Books *

Other/Unsorted Items for sale:
Click on pictures for larger image

Western Comics | Manga | Doujinshi | Media & Magazines | Toys + Figurines | My Little Pony toys | Books
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