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NOTE: Currently ALL MY SALES PAGES ARE DOWN, until I find a new webpage host for my images. Now that Photobucket is no longer viable. Pages will be down for the unseeable future. I do not know when they will go back up.

All ponies are washed to the best of my abilities and placed in individual ziplock bags before being mailed out. If you ever want more photos or details of a particular toy, just ask. I'm willing to do trades as well. Please see my lists of wanted MLPs here. PayPal only. Seller is from Canada + ships worldwide. Buyer pays shipping/postage. Prices in USD. As postage varies depending on number of ponies & location, PM/tell me which ponies you're interested in and your postal code/ZIP, and I'll get back to you with a shipping quote.

If you're buying a pony with intention to customize it, I can wipe the symbol and/or hoof heart (if applicable) for you if you'd like. I can even wipe the eye paint, if you're intending to re-paint the eye.

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