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Now, lemmie preface this with that I'll be KEEPING this journal, and I'll still be using it as my MAIN journal, especially for the immediate future. There still are a LOT of friends and communities I check and follow here on LJ. So no worries that I'm abandoning LJ at any time (yet, at least).

That said, after 11 years of having my LJ journal, with all the changes, lately, I've decided to import my journal over to Dreamwidth, before I suddenly find myself unable to. It'll be a "support" journal, and I'll be crossposting to there/from there until the forseeable future (or until LJ is finally unfeasable, whichever comes first).

I'm still fiddling with setting my journal up on DW, and all... but if you want to go take a look, you can find it here: uftaki.dreamwidth.org

If you decide to hop on over and friend me, please remind me as to who you are, and where I know you from. Either a comment in the journal or by PM. Thank you. ^.^

Again, for now, most/all of my activity will still be over here in LJ-land. All the communities and friends I follow are still over here. The move to DW was just for safekeeping, and for future possibilities.
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